Portland Kids Summer Camps August 21, 2022


Hello Friends! I hope everyone is enjoying a great summer. In this season with balancing career and family, I’ve been reflecting a lot upon my WHY. Very simply I chose a career in real estate because of my WHY.  My why is to show my girls that you can be a strong, independent and self-supporting woman, without needing to depend on anyone to support you.  Period.  You see, just prior to entering real estate, I had a broken engagement, a 5 month old baby and a teenager who’s father was passing away and I needed to find a career where I could still be present for my kids. So I chose real estate to allow me the flexibility to raise my children and earn a living for my family.  My girls see me work hard and I even incorporate them in my daily work life when I need to. And that happens frequently – especially in the summer!  For instance, here’s Ruby in action helping me hang Open House signs, here she is accompanying me to an Open House that we are both holding open.  When I leave for work she often says, “Go sell a house Mom!” My oldest has seen me go from a stay-at-home mom to building a great business and still supporting her at her volleyball games and being able to provide special family adventures.

Thank you for being here and for supporting my Why. I love connecting with people in an authentic way so send me a note and let me know how I can support you and your Why!